Why Us?

Asking the right questions is at the core of what we do. Anyone can build a pretty website (you can even build one yourself!), but that’s not what we aim to do. DxM Creative’s consultative approach uncovers real opportunities in your customer journey so we can provide value through a holistic suite of digital marketing solutions.

Our Mission

Through thoughtful consumer analysis, DxM Creative aims to empower not only your sales department but your entire organization to maximize the value you deliver to your customers at every touch point.

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From the minute we begin working together, you will be invited to our Slack and Asana to collaborate with us and monitor the progress of your project.
DxM’s funnels hand marketing-qualified leads to your sales team so you can turn them into customers even faster. Your sales team will thank us.
We test hypotheses quick, validate our learning, and iterate even faster. Our adaptive workflows keep your business growing.
Taking the time to understand your customers empowers us to meet them how, when, and where they want. Long gone are the days of interruptive advertising.
Minimizing the boundaries your customers may face due to a disability creates an opportunity for you to provide even greater value.
To us, a successful relationship is one where you, our client, walk away with data and tools to deliver even more value to your customers.

What does “DxM” stand for?

Deus ex Machina

[dey-uhs eks mah-kuh-nuh]

  1. (in ancient Greek and Roman drama) a god introduced into a play to resolve the entanglements of the plot
  2. any artificial or improbable device resolving the difficulties of a plot.

Definition from Dictionary.com

When your business is facing seemingly unsolvable marketing challenges, DxM Creative has the solution you need.

Let’s talk about the logo.

In math and science, the Greek letter Δ (delta) is used to signify change. The solutions that DxM brings to organizations spur change. The different colours illustrate the congregation of diverse ideas necessary for lasting impact. Finally, the yellow top represents the aspirations we’re always climbing towards with our team and clients.

Our Founder

Astawa Alam

Lead Marketing Consultant

In a parallel universe, Astawa is a mad scientist running all kinds of crazy experiments. For now, however, he’s a certified growth-driven designer and inbound marketer who runs digital marketing experiments. You’ll often find Astawa staring at data with coffee in one hand and a pen in the other, frantically scribbling notes and schemes.

Iterate fast and test faster. These are the words that Astawa lives by. With a background in business management, Astawa is able to step back and observe how a business’s positioning plays into the larger processes and systems of an organization.

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