Top 7 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Redesigning Their Website

By February 9, 2020Web Design

So you’ve decided to revitalize your website in 2020! Great, because much has changed with the new year and it’s absolutely essential for you to start working on your website as it is your biggest brand ambassador. However, there are certain types of mistakes that new businesses such as yourself can make and so, it’s important for you to know what those mistakes are and just how you can manage to surpass them. So without further ado, let’s get into the 10 mistakes Business Owners make when Redesigning their website. 

1 Customers are Everything

The most important asset of any business is its customers. Making and retaining customers is what keeps the business running. Therefore, when updating your website with all the newest features, you need to make sure that they align with the customer needs. However, one of the top tier mistakes that new businesses make is that they start to redesign the website according to their own liking. What looks cool to you might not necessarily mean that it’s cool for the consumer too. So, adding all the features you like only creates confusion and frustration among your users 

To avoid making this mistake, you need to see what exactly is your target market and what do they demand. Then by utilizing all the knowledge and assets you may have acquired, revitalize your website in such a way that best serves your customers, not you!   



2 A Jack of All 

You might have heard of the old proverb, “A jack of all is a Master of none”. Well as cliche as you may find it, the proverb is still relevant due to the common mistake businesses make when redesigning their website. Many new business owners overload themselves with tasks they never learned to perform. The result is lack of efficiency even in your core skill sets. 

Don’t try to take all the roles by yourselves as this will only decrease the quality of your website and increase your frustration. Instead, try to identify the core competency of each of your members and assign them with relevant tasks. If no person fits to complete a particular task, consider outsourcing them instead of taking on the field yourself. There are plenty of good vendors who are experts in this field and will help you out on your tasks for minimum fees. Dxm Creative too offers a wide range of packages for businesses just like you. Choose the package that best serves you so you can focus more on areas you are expert of. 



3 SEO Matters

SEO has become extremely vital for businesses to use as it is one of the biggest realities of 2020. You can read up on my other article “Is SEO in 2020 Worth your Time?” that discusses all the new changes that SEO tactics have undergone. Yet, many businesses still choose to ignore the importance of SEO and treat it as a secondary importance. 

You need to use this particular mistake as your own advantage. By working on your SEO tactics, you can direct more customers towards your businesses while everyone else is focused on the wrong things!



4 Time is Everything 

Redesigning your website is fun. As you gather more knowledge about web designing, it’s only natural for you to add all the cool features you want your website to have. However, by adding too many features on your website, it increases the overall loading time of your webpages. No matter how cool your features are, if the customers have to spend more time on your web pages, chances are that they will leave pretty soon making all your efforts worthless. 

What you should do, instead, is to add features in your website that you believe are absolutely essential while also testing your website from time to time. In this way, you will know what type of features slow down your websites and what types don’t. 

Hence, you will be able to add the right features while also saving the time of your consumers.  



5 A super Website but for limited gadgets

Another issue that arises in new entrepreneurs is that they design their website mostly for desktop users. However, mobile searches account for 80% of all searches. This means that most of your consumers will be surfing on your website through their mobile phones. By focusing only on desktop interface, many new businesses struggle with their interface on other gadgets such mobile, tablets and iPads. 

You should always consider this point while revitalizing your website that it is not only meant for the desktop interface but also on other forums as well. So, try testing your website on both phone and on desktop before you launch it. 



6 Focus on CTA

Don’t forget the main purpose for your website is to get results and that is where CTAs become relevant. Call to Action or CTA for short is a marketing tactic you can use to prompt your customer towards the action you want, either purchase your services or your products. A common mistake made by newbies while redesigning their website is that they forget to incorporate the proper pathway that ultimately leads to these sales. 

So while redesigning your website, try creating the pathway and incorporate CTA in your website as this will ultimately lead to overall success of your brand.



7 Too much focus on Website or too little 

Lastly, you need to have your website have the right amount of content. And I cannot stress this point enough for how important it is to remain conscious about the needs of your customers. Often enough, what happens with newbies is that they get excited about their website in such a way that they start pouring it with content. However, you need to make sure that you don’t follow the same mistake. That doesn’t mean that you are not supposed to refresh your content every few times in a year. It only means that you should add relevant content that adds value for your customers, not you. 

What you can do is ask your customers, through collecting reviews, what they like most about your website and how you can improve it. In this way, you will be able to add content on your website that best serves your customers. 

So, 2020 is here and it must be an exciting time for you to revamp your website. Just try avoiding these common seven mistakes and you can begin your journey towards a successful new year! Happy Redesigning!



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